Is Civil Service accountability above the Law?

Now this is going to be quite short but covers the important issue of Civil Service accountability. Over recent years I have come across a number of instances where the Civil Service in the execution of their duties have seen fit to impose an interpretation of the Law that has no foundation in legislation. All […]

Oh dear! Oh dear! – Have we learned nothing about executive pay?

The world is going crazy – or at least it seems so. Despite all the fuss about executive pay – nobody with the power to act appears to have the guts to challenge the proposed executive package for Stephen Hester at RBS (reputedly worth £9.6m) I agree with Roger Lawson, of the UK Shareholders Association […]

Integrity? What integrity?

There has been plenty splashed all over the media in the last weeks about sleaze and lack of integrity in general. Whether that has been the expenses issue in Parliament, the treatment of retired Gurkhas or the contempt for shareholders in setting the remuneration of senior execs at Royal Dutch Shell and elsewhere. What much […]

Whither Globalization?

Some thinking that highlights what happens if you ask difficult questions. I was engaged in an international dialogue the other day about “Where now for globalization?” in the context of the current economic turmoil. What was intriguing was the extent to which senior figures from around the globe were focusing on the large corporate impacts […]

What if the Banks had been operating as Compleat Bizzes?

What, I was wondering, would have happened if the recent debacle over banking had taken place against a different operating background? Consider the causes (and outpourings) that have led us to the position where, in the UK at least, the Government owns one bank (Northern Rock), is heading for over 80% ownership of another (Royal […]