Creativity skills programme

Delivered over several days, the programme begins with some exercises to break open the existing approaches within the organisation. Alternatively we can deliver masterclasses to groups.

Focus is on a structured approach that takes account of resources available, context and culture. This deals with a lot of misconceptions about what creativity actually means in an organisational context – particularly when it comes to problem solving. Our success rate is close to 100% when it comes to devising solutions to complex issues and situations and this programme is designed to pass on those skills for your use.

Psychometrics are a useful component and we often carry out some measurements for each team member during the programme to inform self-awareness.

The scheduling of sessions can be tailored to each organisation but an example might be a  programme comprising three or four days of residential sessions, interspersed with individual coaching as appropriate.


We also find that groups and teams can benefit greatly from attending masterclasses on specific aspects of creativity and problem solving, often as part of a wider team development programme.