A programme specifically designed for those who work within a team. Because their effectiveness and performance can succeed or fail as a result of team dynamics we work to identify the different personalities and help the team to be aware of their strengths and limitations.

The Programme begins with a benchmarking exercise to establish the baseline – this includes an in-depth assessment of the team as a whole. We can then establish objectives and understand what the team and the organisation needs to get out of the process.

Appropriate psychometric testing for each team member is carried out in advance; and only then are we ready to start the team coaching itself.

The scheduling of sessions can be tailored to each organisation. For instance this might be a 9-month programme comprising two or three weekend residential sessions with monthly or bi-monthly team development sessions. This may be interspersed with individual coaching as appropriate.

Companies who are going through a period of change and need to get buy-in from staff who are perhaps scattered in territories all over the world find this programme is very effective. Particularly useful for ‘virtual teams’ – individuals who are in email contact but have never actually met. Bringing them together in a stimulating, structured environment for an intensive period of team coaching has a remarkable effect on team cohesion and helps the spread of best practice across different countries.