Executive Coaching – someone to turn to via “the executive 20:20”

Every executive needs an independent voice to turn to. A sounding board for ideas and problems. Executive coaching provides that facility in a safe and confidential environment. Whether that’s as part of a corporate development programme or as an individual support mechanism.

What we do is geared to the individual (with involvement of the organisation’s sponsor where this is relevant). The engagement begins with a session to define the requirements of the programme and for us to understand the outcomes that are being sought. This results in a proposal and suggested reporting with appropriate metrics. The proposal will cover the scheduling of the work and its duration, together with the responsibilities on all sides to ensure success.

Items to be covered can range from self-awareness to leadership; getting to the bottom of problems that are in the way of progression; or (in some cases) remediation of behaviours.

This is the framework upon which we build the executive 20:20