Well-Being in the corporate world

Things have been changing this year – especially in the corporate world. Not only is society coming to terms with credit crunch and eurozone crises, it is also beginning to challenge some of the traditional approaches to running things in general.

Take the third sector. Lots of well-intentioned and enthusiastic people who are trying to make a difference but the old models of individual charities are starting to come unstuck as the sources of funding from the public purse dry up. It is carnage in some areas but there are a number of leaders who are looking for alternate routes to sustain their operations. Great opportunity to influence them to become more compleat in their thinking – and hence better fitted to meet the challenges they face.

With colleagues I’ve been looking at some new models of support that would share costs, increase professional inputs to management and help these bodies get themselves into shape financially. Can’t say that it is fully-functional right now but there is clear demand from the charities for professional help.

If you want to know more – then drop me a line. After all, best practice is there to be shared.