What Makes a Great Leader?

I’m often asked “What makes a great leader?” I discuss various aspects of what works and what doesn’t in conversation with Maribel Ortega. Sit back, enjoy and make some notes – it will give you lots to think about and do. For more information click on the image and watch the video on YouTube.

Thanks, Sir David …

Yesterday I was among the audience listening intently to Sir David Attenborough as he gave a lecture entitled People and Planet. The thrust of much of his argument is that we need to deal with the taboos surrounding the issue of ever-expanding population growth and the impact on planet earth. Given that the lecture was […]

Is Civil Service accountability above the Law?

Now this is going to be quite short but covers the important issue of Civil Service accountability. Over recent years I have come across a number of instances where the Civil Service in the execution of their duties have seen fit to impose an interpretation of the Law that has no foundation in legislation. All […]